My drawing on Adobe Flash Professional CS5: Dried

This is my drawing from ICT class! Hope you guys like it! XD

“Dried red lady”

Dried red lady

Dried red lady

I don’t know why I drew a picture like this, it just came from my wants. 😀


Camtasia Studio 8


Camtasia Studio 8

     Our world nowadays are developing fast and presenting new technologies all the time , not only hard ware but also software.  There’re so many software on the market right now and it is so hard to decide which software to buy if we don’t really know about the program. So today I’m going to inform you one of the best program on recording/editing videos , Camtasia Studio.

Camtasia Studio is a program that have many usability. We can record our computer screen by using Camtasia Recorder also edit it afterwards. Questioning if Camtasia is really worth for their price? Let’s see what Camtasia Studio can do. The Camtasia that I’m going to inform you is the eighth version, with recording and editing include.

1.Record the screens with smoothness that provide a high video quality.

2.Many animated contents which you can add it into your videos.

3.New features of visual effects to make your videos standout.

4.Can save files into many type of media.

5.Easily shares video to other people by sharing to YouTube or Screen cast.

If you don’t mind the price , the Camtasia Studio 8 is very recommended for editing also recording screen! Especially for the people who are making or have plan for producing video tutorials,the Camtasia Studio 8 is the all in one for you.


Videos made by Camtasia Studio 8