What I learned in ICT class!

What I learned in ICT class…


This year I learned so many things in ICT class! They are mostly about multimedia and website. First we learned Camtasia, Camtasia is a very good program for editing and recording video! Things that I’d made with Camtasia is SAI drawing tutorial, Map to Wells Onnut and I also used it with other class video project too!

Camtasia is not only what I learned, but also Flash CS5. I used to think that animation needs to be draw on paper and it’s going to takes a long time to finish one animation. But after I learned Flash CS5, I was able to make my own original short animation and it can also use as drawing program!This program is so useful, right now I can make banner from it, I can make my cartoon looks more flow than by drawing on paper also there’s tool helping me on perspective view too!

However Flash cannot open mp3 file, so before we going to put mp3 sound effects into our video, we will really need to convert it to wav file first! Audacity, another useful program I’d learned this year! Audacity is a program that is made for us to remixing song/voice , Editing how loud the sound should be and can even cut-split-join the song! At last what we’d learned about internet! Also about html and the founders related to modern technologies. (Tim Berners-Lee, Vanner Bush, Douglas ETC.)


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