Starting Semester 2: CSS

Discussing about CSS

1. What is CSS and what it is for?

     CSS is stand for Cascading Style Sheet, it is used to style the webpage also HTML and XML.

2. What is Internal Stylesheet, External Stylesheet, and Inline Styles?

     Internal Stylesheet: Is the place which contains definition of style in the HTML page.

     External Stylesheet: Is similar to Internal stylesheet, but it is shorter and good for long-run. (In different file)

     Inline Styles: It is style for the specific element.

3. What is syntax?

     It is an arrangement of words in the sentence.

4. What are the three parts of a CSS syntax?




5. How does Inheritance works in CSS?

     It’s using the same value as the same its parent.

6. What is a comment in coding and how do you write a comment in CSS and HTML?

     Is the part of code that tells about what is what in the codes.


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