My wish for BKK Bangkok


What does Bangkok mean to you? What problems do you see in the city and what do you think should be done to make it a better place?


My wish for Bangkok

To me, Bangkok is a good place for me and my friend to hangout. Because there’s so many department stores and place to chill out! Also, there’re many place you can arrive there by going on BTS too, this is a very good thing for a student like us.

However, there are still plenty of things that will need to be improved! Let’s start from transportation first! As you can see that the traffics in Bangkok is very terrible! You can stick in the car for hours without moving an inch, and that is causing pollution and makes the Bangkok atmosphere turn to worse! From a research, it is also said that pollution turn people into vulgar type! (Less self-control).  This means that the traffics jam cause pollution and the pollution will rise up the crime in the city! See how the traffic jam will cause in our beauty Bangkok? So, according to my opinion, I really wants traffic problem to fix first! By the way, from what I saw, sometimes the road construction smells fishy! I don’t understand…even though the road is still looks perfectly good and works perfectly fine, why is it needed to be rebuilt? So I asked my father, and he said that it is because of construction corruption. How? People in the government or the one who works about construction project will try to have many new useless projects to corrupt. So they can ask for the money for construction, and buy the low quality one to reduce the money that needed to pay, and they will keep some money to themselves illegally! This way, it makes things that had been built or bought by government worn out so easily because of the corruption! We can just see by observing the car license plate! If we take a good look, the old plate (around 2-3 years ago) still looks okay even nowadays! But, the new license plate (around 2012-2013) It’s already worn out! How come it is already turned yellow and cracked? So now, what I meant is I wanted no corruption! How can cities grows properly with numerous of parasites that are trying to suck the taxes that we pay illegally?! This is so Non-Fair! Even though we know what to improve in our city, but we won’t be able to improve it because we don’t have enough money! So to improve our city, money comes first! And to get money we will need taxes and we will also need to prevent any other corruptor that going to takes our money away!

Last but not least, security. From my school to the way back to my home, I always get to see weird scenery. While I was listening to music in my car, as the car pass by, I saw many high schoolers is standing together for like 30 people and I wonder what it is. And the next day I saw an another high schooler holding a piece of long think wood walking with a devilish face, it is so scary and I don’t even dare to look at them! So I really want Bangkok to have higher security for people safeness…