Variables and Functions

What is a passing parameter?


Reused-able code

have specific function


Value inside function/()

Passing Parameter:

Value inside ()

EX: function love(2,6){


return c;


Function is the whole thing, parameters is 2 and 6

What’s variable and value?

Variable is name, but value is the true meaning of thing, the data.


Apple = Chicken

Meaning that the ‘Apple’ is just name, people called chicken ‘Apple’. Meaning that its name is apple but it’s actually chicken.



JavaScript Data Types

1. What is a String Data Type in JavaScript?

A string is a variable which stores a series of characters.

2. Give 3 examples of data considered as String.


var carname=”lala”;
var bakery=’macaron’;
var taste=’sweet’;

3. What is an Integer Data Type?

Variable which stores whole numbers

4. Give 3 examples of data considered as Integer.

16 & 20 & 31


5. What is a Floating-point value?

A real number (that is, a number that can contain a fractional part). The following are floating-point numbers


6. Give 3 examples of data considered as Floating-point numbers.




7. What are the two values considered as Boolean Data Type?

True & False


8. What are the Composite Data Types?

Object & Array


9. What are the Special Data types in JavaScript?

Null & Undefined




Intro to JavaScript


1. What is JavaScript?
A scripting language developed by Netscape to enable Web authors to design interactive sites.

2. What company started JavaScript?

3. Explain briefly the main difference of Java and JavaScript.
Java is for programming(For programs and browser) but JavaScript is for scripting (For browser only)

4. What are the things can we do to a webpage using JavaScript?
Makes our webpage interactive
5. Where do we write JavaScript codes? On which programs/applications?
We put it in html document
6. How can we see the result of our JavaScript code?

View in the browser


7. What is the HTML tag to start a JavaScript code?
<script> </script>
8. What is a variable? How is it different to a value?
Variable is buckets of data, a way of creating a reference to that data and it holds value.
9. What are the data types in JavaScript?
String, Number, Boolean, Object, Array, Null, Undefined
10. How do we write comments in JavaScript?

My wish for BKK Bangkok


What does Bangkok mean to you? What problems do you see in the city and what do you think should be done to make it a better place?


My wish for Bangkok

To me, Bangkok is a good place for me and my friend to hangout. Because there’s so many department stores and place to chill out! Also, there’re many place you can arrive there by going on BTS too, this is a very good thing for a student like us.

However, there are still plenty of things that will need to be improved! Let’s start from transportation first! As you can see that the traffics in Bangkok is very terrible! You can stick in the car for hours without moving an inch, and that is causing pollution and makes the Bangkok atmosphere turn to worse! From a research, it is also said that pollution turn people into vulgar type! (Less self-control).  This means that the traffics jam cause pollution and the pollution will rise up the crime in the city! See how the traffic jam will cause in our beauty Bangkok? So, according to my opinion, I really wants traffic problem to fix first! By the way, from what I saw, sometimes the road construction smells fishy! I don’t understand…even though the road is still looks perfectly good and works perfectly fine, why is it needed to be rebuilt? So I asked my father, and he said that it is because of construction corruption. How? People in the government or the one who works about construction project will try to have many new useless projects to corrupt. So they can ask for the money for construction, and buy the low quality one to reduce the money that needed to pay, and they will keep some money to themselves illegally! This way, it makes things that had been built or bought by government worn out so easily because of the corruption! We can just see by observing the car license plate! If we take a good look, the old plate (around 2-3 years ago) still looks okay even nowadays! But, the new license plate (around 2012-2013) It’s already worn out! How come it is already turned yellow and cracked? So now, what I meant is I wanted no corruption! How can cities grows properly with numerous of parasites that are trying to suck the taxes that we pay illegally?! This is so Non-Fair! Even though we know what to improve in our city, but we won’t be able to improve it because we don’t have enough money! So to improve our city, money comes first! And to get money we will need taxes and we will also need to prevent any other corruptor that going to takes our money away!

Last but not least, security. From my school to the way back to my home, I always get to see weird scenery. While I was listening to music in my car, as the car pass by, I saw many high schoolers is standing together for like 30 people and I wonder what it is. And the next day I saw an another high schooler holding a piece of long think wood walking with a devilish face, it is so scary and I don’t even dare to look at them! So I really want Bangkok to have higher security for people safeness…

Starting Semester 2: CSS

Discussing about CSS

1. What is CSS and what it is for?

     CSS is stand for Cascading Style Sheet, it is used to style the webpage also HTML and XML.

2. What is Internal Stylesheet, External Stylesheet, and Inline Styles?

     Internal Stylesheet: Is the place which contains definition of style in the HTML page.

     External Stylesheet: Is similar to Internal stylesheet, but it is shorter and good for long-run. (In different file)

     Inline Styles: It is style for the specific element.

3. What is syntax?

     It is an arrangement of words in the sentence.

4. What are the three parts of a CSS syntax?




5. How does Inheritance works in CSS?

     It’s using the same value as the same its parent.

6. What is a comment in coding and how do you write a comment in CSS and HTML?

     Is the part of code that tells about what is what in the codes.

What I learned in ICT class!

What I learned in ICT class…


This year I learned so many things in ICT class! They are mostly about multimedia and website. First we learned Camtasia, Camtasia is a very good program for editing and recording video! Things that I’d made with Camtasia is SAI drawing tutorial, Map to Wells Onnut and I also used it with other class video project too!

Camtasia is not only what I learned, but also Flash CS5. I used to think that animation needs to be draw on paper and it’s going to takes a long time to finish one animation. But after I learned Flash CS5, I was able to make my own original short animation and it can also use as drawing program!This program is so useful, right now I can make banner from it, I can make my cartoon looks more flow than by drawing on paper also there’s tool helping me on perspective view too!

However Flash cannot open mp3 file, so before we going to put mp3 sound effects into our video, we will really need to convert it to wav file first! Audacity, another useful program I’d learned this year! Audacity is a program that is made for us to remixing song/voice , Editing how loud the sound should be and can even cut-split-join the song! At last what we’d learned about internet! Also about html and the founders related to modern technologies. (Tim Berners-Lee, Vanner Bush, Douglas ETC.)


Dried red lady

Tim Berners-Lee Article


Tim Berners-Lee Article

The differences between Internet and world wide web is the Internet is a huge network of networks, but WWW is a way to access Internet. Internet has no creator but the creator of WWW is Tim Berners-Lee. Berners Lee is a British computer scientist who invented the World Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee is count that he provide WWW for us to use it nowadays! He also created the first web browser and editor. The first WWW in the world is, which was launched on 6 August 1991. (It’s explained about WWW concepts and gave user instruction for making WWW)

First Website in the world

First Website in the world