Name Banner – Est Esta Esther Star


Another ICT classwork

This one is kinda a bit…but hope you guys enjoy it! 😀



Banner – I found you

Banner made from flash!

Hope you guys enjoy~ `XD

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Animate object

This is an animate made from Adobe Flash professional CS5! 😀

I put a lot of effort on this work and it’s kind of okay(?)

First one is polygon rock,represent of heavy object!

Second one is for elastic object~

Third one is for light object,paper`~

Animation Discussing


According to Cartoonster

1. What is an animation?

-bringing things to life
2. What is a frame in animation?

-Each picture in the animation
3. What is frame rate or fps (frame per second)?

-Amount of pictures in 1 second
4. How does an animation looks like if the frame rate is 1fps?

-Pictures can be separate individually by eye,it’s not smooth.
5. What will happen to an animation if the frame rate is 24fps?

-The animation goes smooth and seamless.
6. What is exaggeration in animation?

-To emphasize over stating of a feature or an object or character.
7. Explain how you will apply the ‘Stretching and Squashing” principle in animation.

-By apply it to “volleyball”
8. How will you show by means of animation that an object is heavy?

-by making it look rigid
9. How will you show by means of animation that an object is very light?

-By their appearance.